Top 10 Cafes on the Sunshine Coast in 2016


The Sunshine Coast is known for fresh, organic, and local food and drink. Naturally, the same mentality applies to their cafés. The Sunshine Coast has such a booming café scene that it’s almost impossible to choose where to settle for brunch.


Have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite coffee stops. You’ll find the perfect spot right away, freeing up valuable time to head to the beach.


  1. Sandbar Café Bar and Grill

Sandbar is a great pick if you come hungry, and it’s a local favorite for a reason. Whether you’re craving burgers, beers, or coffee, Sandbar Café Bar and Grill has it all. We recommend the fish and chips.


  1. Freddy Fuddpuka’s

Freddy Fuddpuka’s makes the claim: “silly name, serious coffee,” and they aren’t kidding. Whether you’re looking to get some shopping done, or if you want a short walk to the beach, Freddy Fuddpuka’s in Queensland couldn’t be more convenient.


  1. Amo Gelato

Amo’s generous servings of gelato are more than welcome on a hot day. The only thing that could make Amo’s fantastic selection any better is famous Costa Noosa espresso.


  1. Montville Café Bar and Grille

Montville’s atmosphere is unbelievable, with a charming exterior and a gorgeous landscaped garden. From a courtesy bus to misted tents, Montville’s amenities are only beaten by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.


  1. CK Coffee Bar and Whole Foods

The interior of CK Coffee Bar is rustic, yet modern. Does your diet restrict you to gluten-free, vegan, or paleo? CK has all of the above, and plenty of it. There isn’t a broader selection of healthy and delicious dishes to be found.


  1. Café Envy

With locations in both Moolooaba and Cotton Tree, Café Envy boasts a display of local art. This lends perfectly to its quirky, artistic atmosphere.


  1. Hand of Fatima

Fatima leaves you in good hands. The atmosphere is quirky and casual, and the staff is incredibly friendly and funny.


  1. Coffee Cat

Coffee Cat is posh, modern, and purr-fect. We recommend taking your vanilla bean pancakes outside as you look out on a breathtaking beachfront view.


  1. Little May Espresso

Little May Espresso has the most darling exterior we’ve ever seen. Add in its fantastic selection of food and pastries, it’s almost too good to be fair.


  1. The Velo Project

With so many amazing café options in Moonlooaba, putting the Velo Project in the #1 spot was not a decision we took lightly. The location is tucked away but that only lends to its appeal. The atmosphere is rustic, the coffee is incredible, and the food is to die for.


Choosing only ten cafés was not an easy decision, but we believe any of our picks will more than satisfy your caffeine and brunch addiction.