How To Travel With Kids – Tips From The Experts on Finding Kid-Friendly Travel Destinations

HOLIDAYS WITH KIDS - tips from the experts

“Travel while you’re young” or “travel before you have kids” are phrases repeated so often that anyone would think travelling the globe with kids in tow was a physical impossibility.

In reality, parents all over the world experience the foreign wonders of the globe every day with their children right beside them.

But that still doesn’t mean it is easy.

So we’ve got in touch with some travel bloggers that have made a life mission of not succumbing to the the myth that having kids means you can’t travel the world. To help tap into the secret of their success at living life to the fullest we asked them all to answer the same question:

What is the number one thing you look for when judging kid’s holiday destination?


Read their answers below!


When we go on family trips we always research what there is to do with kids.  We always check the top activities for children in the area that we would like to stay or explore.

However, the number 1 thing that we look for in the every new destination that we venture out to is:  What can we learn from the destination and what values our kids can take in, in order to discover something new and add to their development as a good human being.

I know it might sound full on, but the best thing that you can do on your holidays, in our opinion, is to connect with the destination and its people.  Travel allows you to see places and meet locals face to face.  Get away from the comfort of the resort and its pools with swim-up bars.  Discover the real destination and explore beyond the touristy beaten paths.

wanderlust storytellers

Jolene and Andrzej Ejmont

Wanderlust Storytellers


The primary aspect of a destination we look for when deciding where we’ll travel to as a family is how engaged will the kids be and how easy will it be to be outdoors as much of the time as possible.  Our kids are very much into nature and experiencing all sorts of environments, so seeking out interesting places where we can be out in nature as a family is always the goal.

2 travel dads

Rob Taylor

2 Travel Dads


The number 1 thing I look for when judging a kid’s holiday destination is a welcome. We have stayed in really exclusive resorts where the kids were made to feel like the most important guests, but we’ve also stayed in others where we’ve felt like an inconvenience so for me, welcome is everything. There are other things that help though, such as a swimming pool (that would probably be my children’s number one), an interesting kids menu, play areas that we can use as a family not just kids clubs where we leave them and rooms that work for families with space for everyone to stretch out.

global mouse travels


Global Mouse Travels


I tend to find fun things to do for kids in most destinations we visit – some places can be easier than others. But one of the major factors I consider is transportation – how easy is it to get around and how much it will cost. I don’t mind sitting on a train for 45 minutes, but if you’ve got a 2 or 3-year-old, their patience tends to be somewhat shorter. So in combination with the transport options, I look at the distance to various attractions and landmarks we may wish to visit.

Even if a hotel that is centrally positioned costs a little more, being walking distance to attractions will save money (and time) in transport costs.

travel with bender

Josh Bender

Travel With Bender


The number one thing we look for is kid-friendly accommodations with a splash of adventure. We look for good pools, small kitchens, and places to eat that factor in allergies. We like to have hiking trails and other adventures within reach.

solo mum takes flight


Solo Mum Takes Flight

I don’t really believe there are many destinations that are out of bounds for children. If you prepare well, and organise yourself, I think it’s possible to pretty much travel anywhere safely with kids. Now that my son is growing older, he does have more of a say and we do consult him now. So in answer to the question, it would have to be if my eldest fancies going there, too!

my travel monkey


My Travel Monkey


Location Location Location. Whether we are having a staycation, camping or travelling abroad, we always consider the location first. We used to love the tranquil retreats in the middle of nowhere, but since we have had children, location is so important to us. Whether we are enjoying a staycation, or travelling abroad, we like to be close to attractions (for example beach, shops, restaurants)  be it walking distance or have good access to public transport.

otis and us


Otis and Us


The first thing we look for when choosing a family holiday destination is affordability. This includes a good choice of self catering accommodation to cook some meals ourselves, and manage laundry, and a wide variety of cheap fun family oriented thing to do.  

expat experiment

Rob, Tracey and Makai

Expat Experiment


We look for a good mix of attractions for adults and kids. There has to be plenty of parks, beaches, kids tours etc for the kids and for us museums, castles anything history. We are lucky that our girls are also enjoying learning the history of places we visit. We organize activities in the morning and try to leave the afternoon free and then judge on what the kids feel like doing.

wyld family travel


Wyld Family Travel


When looking for family holiday destinations I always look for somewhere new and interesting. I love places where we can learn about new cultures, experience a different way of life and, hopefully, discover new tasty food! But wherever we go, the one thing I always look for is a swimming pool. I swear I could take my children literally anywhere as long as there was a pool to come home to after sightseeing!


Globe Totting

We look for things to do in the local area – from museums to parks, outside activities to restaurants. If we are looking at a resort, we would check they are child friendly and have, for example, a kids’ club or swimming pool.

wyld family travel


Family Travel Times