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When you go on a family holiday one of the biggest things to work out day-to-day is what ‘activity’ you’re going to do to keep everyone occupied.

You want your holidays to be fun for the little ones but you also want them to take a little bit away from their experience in a different place. After all what’s the point of traveling somewhere different if you’re not going to seek out different experiences? (You know, apart from the amazing weather)

We’ve put together a list of 11 educational activities on the Sunshine Coast that will entertain your kids and provide something new and interesting to their life-experience.



Lake Alford Recreational Park

Lake Alford Recreational Park

Located near the southern entry to Gympie, the Lake Alford Recreational Park has a lot to offer families travelling the Sunshine Coast. The region’s history is celebrated with features like the Gympie Gold Mining Museum and the Goldminer’s Monument. The park also has playgrounds, a dog park, barbecue facilities and there is ample parking for caravans and RVs.


Arts Connect Inc

Arts Connect Inc

With Arts Connect Inc, families can experience local artwork and a range of arts-related events in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. The Studio Trail connects a range of studios associated with the program, and it takes drivers across the Blackall Range. You have the Hinterlands and the arts, and if you plan ahead, you could enjoy events like Open Studio or Sculpture on the Edge.


Sunshine Castle Bli Bli

Sunshine Castle Bli Bli

Families can get a medieval times experience with a visit to Sunshine Castle Bli Bli. You can enjoy the castle at your own speed by taking the self tour, but the site is also home to different events and activities that can be educational and fun. With the history shields tour, visitors can learn about medieval history and the castle. The treasure hunt can also be a fun learning experience for kids of all ages.


Art on Cairncross

Art on Cairncross

Located near Mary Cairncross Park, Art on Cairncross is an art gallery that features original art from Australian artists. The gallery is open Tuesday to Sunday, and it features a range of 2D and 3D art. Families can enjoy a range of different exhibitions when they visit Art on Cairncross, and the gallery offers a diverse selection of art in different styles.


Artisans Gallery Eumundi


Artisans Gallery Eumundi

At Artisans Gallery Eumundi, families can experience a unique arts experience in the Noosa Hinterland. The gallery is home to a range of modern and contemporary art exhibits, including David Suters Timbercraftsman. On visiting the Artisans Gallery Eumundi, visitors can also find one of the best collections of aboriginal fine art at the Red Desert Gallery.


The Opalcutter Opalschleiferei

The Opalcutter Opalschleiferei

The Opalcutter Opalschleiferei is for the appreciation of the opal. With gemstones sourced from fields all over Australia, Opalcutter features rough cut and polished stones that range from light to black. You can find a unique range of opal jewellery and opal artwork, with most pieces being individually handcrafted.


Illume Creations

Illume Creations

Located in Montville, QLD, Illume Creations is an art gallery that celebrates colour and light. The gallery is home to a range artistic glass, and it features a variety of different pieces from local artists. In addition to the colourful artwork, Illume Creations also offers fragrant oils and the Aura Light collection of colour essences.


Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum

Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum

The Gympie Gold Mining and Historical Museum is a great stop for families that want to take in some history on their trip through the Sunshine Coast. Beyond learning about the region’s historical connection to gold mining, it has exhibits that feature steam machinery, agriculture, and there is a collection of gemstones from the region. You can test your hand at gold mining while you are at the museum, and the site is also home to the historical Andrew Fisher House.



As an art gallery that is dedicated to raising human consciousness and uplifting the spirit through sound, light and art, Lift offers an experience that is unique to the region. The gallery is home to a wide range of fine art, and it also hosts a various workshops and live events. Along with the art, Lift also features services like light, colour and sound therapy.


Caloundra Regional Art Gallery

Caloundra Regional Art Gallery

The Caloundra Regional Gallery offers a range of exhibitions and workshops that showcase art in a variety of styles. The gallery is home to a number of different events, and it is a great destination for people that want to experience and learn about art that is local to the Sunshine Coast. Visitors can also buy handcrafted artistic items, books and clothing at the gallery store.



Queensland Air Museum

For fans of aviation and history, there is no better place than the Queensland Air Museum. It is the largest historical air museum in Australia, and it is home to more than 65 restored aircraft. The museum features aircraft from every era of Australia’s aviation history, and families can come to experience special events like the Open Cockpit Weekend in July or the Engines Alive Days that are held in January, April and September.

HOLIDAYS WITH KIDS - tips from the experts

“Travel while you’re young” or “travel before you have kids” are phrases repeated so often that anyone would think travelling the globe with kids in tow was a physical impossibility.

In reality, parents all over the world experience the foreign wonders of the globe every day with their children right beside them.

But that still doesn’t mean it is easy.

So we’ve got in touch with some travel bloggers that have made a life mission of not succumbing to the the myth that having kids means you can’t travel the world. To help tap into the secret of their success at living life to the fullest we asked them all to answer the same question:

What is the number one thing you look for when judging kid’s holiday destination?


Read their answers below!


When we go on family trips we always research what there is to do with kids.  We always check the top activities for children in the area that we would like to stay or explore.

However, the number 1 thing that we look for in the every new destination that we venture out to is:  What can we learn from the destination and what values our kids can take in, in order to discover something new and add to their development as a good human being.

I know it might sound full on, but the best thing that you can do on your holidays, in our opinion, is to connect with the destination and its people.  Travel allows you to see places and meet locals face to face.  Get away from the comfort of the resort and its pools with swim-up bars.  Discover the real destination and explore beyond the touristy beaten paths.

wanderlust storytellers

Jolene and Andrzej Ejmont

Wanderlust Storytellers


The primary aspect of a destination we look for when deciding where we’ll travel to as a family is how engaged will the kids be and how easy will it be to be outdoors as much of the time as possible.  Our kids are very much into nature and experiencing all sorts of environments, so seeking out interesting places where we can be out in nature as a family is always the goal.

2 travel dads

Rob Taylor

2 Travel Dads


The number 1 thing I look for when judging a kid’s holiday destination is a welcome. We have stayed in really exclusive resorts where the kids were made to feel like the most important guests, but we’ve also stayed in others where we’ve felt like an inconvenience so for me, welcome is everything. There are other things that help though, such as a swimming pool (that would probably be my children’s number one), an interesting kids menu, play areas that we can use as a family not just kids clubs where we leave them and rooms that work for families with space for everyone to stretch out.

global mouse travels


Global Mouse Travels


I tend to find fun things to do for kids in most destinations we visit – some places can be easier than others. But one of the major factors I consider is transportation – how easy is it to get around and how much it will cost. I don’t mind sitting on a train for 45 minutes, but if you’ve got a 2 or 3-year-old, their patience tends to be somewhat shorter. So in combination with the transport options, I look at the distance to various attractions and landmarks we may wish to visit.

Even if a hotel that is centrally positioned costs a little more, being walking distance to attractions will save money (and time) in transport costs.

travel with bender

Josh Bender

Travel With Bender


The number one thing we look for is kid-friendly accommodations with a splash of adventure. We look for good pools, small kitchens, and places to eat that factor in allergies. We like to have hiking trails and other adventures within reach.

solo mum takes flight


Solo Mum Takes Flight

I don’t really believe there are many destinations that are out of bounds for children. If you prepare well, and organise yourself, I think it’s possible to pretty much travel anywhere safely with kids. Now that my son is growing older, he does have more of a say and we do consult him now. So in answer to the question, it would have to be if my eldest fancies going there, too!

my travel monkey


My Travel Monkey


Location Location Location. Whether we are having a staycation, camping or travelling abroad, we always consider the location first. We used to love the tranquil retreats in the middle of nowhere, but since we have had children, location is so important to us. Whether we are enjoying a staycation, or travelling abroad, we like to be close to attractions (for example beach, shops, restaurants)  be it walking distance or have good access to public transport.

otis and us


Otis and Us


The first thing we look for when choosing a family holiday destination is affordability. This includes a good choice of self catering accommodation to cook some meals ourselves, and manage laundry, and a wide variety of cheap fun family oriented thing to do.  

expat experiment

Rob, Tracey and Makai

Expat Experiment


We look for a good mix of attractions for adults and kids. There has to be plenty of parks, beaches, kids tours etc for the kids and for us museums, castles anything history. We are lucky that our girls are also enjoying learning the history of places we visit. We organize activities in the morning and try to leave the afternoon free and then judge on what the kids feel like doing.

wyld family travel


Wyld Family Travel


When looking for family holiday destinations I always look for somewhere new and interesting. I love places where we can learn about new cultures, experience a different way of life and, hopefully, discover new tasty food! But wherever we go, the one thing I always look for is a swimming pool. I swear I could take my children literally anywhere as long as there was a pool to come home to after sightseeing!


Globe Totting

We look for things to do in the local area – from museums to parks, outside activities to restaurants. If we are looking at a resort, we would check they are child friendly and have, for example, a kids’ club or swimming pool.

wyld family travel


Family Travel Times

kids eat free

Whether you are on a holiday or just going out for a weekly lunch, eating out can be expensive when you have a family to feed.

That s why ‘Kids Eat Free’ is a parent’s favourite phrase when it comes to planning a night out. Though it is an offer that has been around for a long time, restaurants that feature it are not always easy to find. That is why we have put together this ultimate guide of the best places on the Sunshine Coast where Kids Eat Free!

Please note – Kids Eat Free is only available Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday lunch.

Palmwoods Hotel

What counts as a kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Mondays only

Conditions of offer: 1 free meal per main meal purchased. Excludes kids’ steak and kids chicken.

The Palmwood is a family owned hotel located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands. They have a huge capacity and feature regular entertainment events, a sports bar and a bottle shop. They also offer a courtesy bus if you want to enjoy a few drinks with your meal and be responsible

They are the self-declared location for the ‘best steak and seafood in Queensland’ and for your young ones under 12 there are six free meal options: cheeseburger and chips, fish and chips, calamari and chips, pizza, chicken nuggets and chips or spaghetti bolognaise.

Other kid friendly features

The Palmwood also offer free access to a fully equipped kids’ room with an active play gym and video games.


Nambour RSL

What counts as a kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it?  Every Sunday to Tuesday night 

Conditions of offer: For every adult that buys a main meal of more than $15, the child can select any meal from the Mosaic Kids Menu for free

Nambour RSL Club is one of the more popular family dining restaurants on the Sunshine Coast. There are several kitchens where you can get food ranging from bistro style fare or Italian fine dining. However if you want the Kids Eat Free offer, the Mosaic Kitchen will be your destination.

There are six options on the kid’s menu: chicken nuggets and chips, fish and chips, ham and pineapple pizza, calamari and chips, steak and chips and spaghetti bolognaise. Usually kids meals come with a free soft drink and ice cream at Mosaic Kitchen but this does not apply with the Kids Eat Free offer.

Other kids’ friendly features

There is a Kid’s Club (12 years and under), which features family movies, video consoles and a range of toys as well as a Youth Zone (13-17 years) for the older siblings.


The Woombye Pub

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Every Friday night

Conditions of offer: One free kids meal for every main meal purchased

Woombye Pub is a family and social pub that is renowned for its quality food made from local produce. It also features plenty live music from local artists and a wide mix of other entertainment like televised sport and ping pong championships. The hotel touts itself as a cornerstone of the Sunshine Village since 1800.

Their kids menu features four options: fish and chips, chicken parmi and chips, spaghetti bolognese and crumbed chicken strips and chips. There is also choice of ice cream with four topping options.

Other kids’ friendly features

The pub offers a large children’s area with a jumping castle and video games. There is also courtesy bus on Kids Eat Free night for parents who want to enjoy themselves with a few drinks.


Chancellor’s Tavern, Sippy Downs

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Website is not explicit on this but it appears to be a week long offer. Phone ahead to confirm

Conditions of offer: NOT FREE. Kids meals are $3 with every main meal purchased. They include ice cream and drink

Chancellors Tavern is a modern hotel which serves delicious Italian inspired food as well as some of the more traditional pub options.

The Kids Menu features spaghetti bolognaise, chicken nuggets and chips, beef burger, ham and pineapple pizza, and kids steak and chips. Any selection comes with a free soft drink and ice cream with topping.’

Other kids’ friendly features

They also feature kids face-painting on some nights and there is a $49.95 Family Feast option on Friday nights (two pizzas, chicken wings, a garlic bread and a jug of soft drink).


Cooroy Hotel

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Every Sunday for dinner from 5.30pm

Conditions of offer: One child eats free for every paying adult. Meals come with a complimentary ice cream with strawberry, chocolate toppings and caramel.

The Cooroy Hotel offers a modern Australian menu from accomplished head chef, Patrick Landelle.

The kids’ menu is one of the more extensive ones featured in this article and includes spaghetti bolognaise, calamari and chips,cheese burgers and chips, fish and chips, hawaiian pizza, steak and chips, chicken and chips and chicken nuggets and chips. Salad can be substituted in any meal that includes chips.

Other kids’ friendly features

There is a Funzone Children’s Room with five Playstations and a plasma screen plus other games and books. Children can also be monitored via a screen in the main dining area.


Cooroy RSL Club

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Every Friday night

Conditions of offer: Kids get free meals for every main meal purchased by the parents.

Cooroy RSL Club offers a full service venue for food, entertainment and functions. The club possesses facilities such as bottle shops, coffee shops, hall hire and function rooms.

The kids menu features spaghetti bolognese, chicken nuggets and chips, kid’s steak and chips, fish and chips and crumbed calamari and chips. Each kid’s meal comes with a complimentary ice-cream.

Other kids’ friendly features

Kids also eat free throughout school holidays in 2017. Music and children’s activities such as balloon animals, raffles and face painting are another feature.


Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Every Thursday night (excluding school holidays)

Conditions of offer: Kids get free meals for every main meal purchased.

Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving club offers a great views of the beach while you eat. The club has a spacious deck and offers food from award winning chef Darren Sandilands.

The menu on the website does not feature a kids menu so best to call ahead if you have fussy eaters in the family.

Other kids’ friendly features

There is a magician to entertain the kids from 6pm and a kids room to keep them otherwise occupies. A courtesy bus is also available,


Dicky Beach Surf Club

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Sunday nights

Conditions of offer: Terms and conditions apply

The Dicky Beach Supporters Club is located at the north of Caloundra at the Sunshine Coast. The club has more than 200 seats at its restaurant, a TAB and free courtesy bus services. They are also a key part of the local community, as many surf clubs are, and hold regular raffles and other fundraisers to raise money for the club including a weekly raffle on Kids Eat Free night to raise money for the local Nippers lifesaving group.

The kid’s menu is not available on the website so call ahead if you have fussy eaters in the family.


Maroochy RSL Club

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Tues-Thurs night for dinner and Sunday lunch in the Infusion Bistro

Conditions of offer: One kids meal for every meal purchased.

The Maroochydore RSL Club is a great venue for the whole family. It has a great entertainment calendar and a Sports Bar for  any sporting events. As well as the Kids Eat Free offer they have special deals for adults Tuesday to Thursday to help you save even more money.

The kids menu offers fish and chips, kid’s steak, ham and pineapple pizza and chicken nuggets and chips. Every kids meal comes with a soft drink and ice cream.

Other kids’ friendly features

The Maroochydore RSL features a Kidzone. It isn’t free but you can buy an annual junior or teen membership for you child for only $5. This membership comes with access to plenty of prizes from regular competitions and a free meal in their birthday month. The venue also regularly has special events like free face-painting and other kid-friendly events.


View Restaurant, Peppers Noosa Report

What Counts as a Kid? There are two categories of kids those under 5 (free breakfast) and those under 12 (free dinner).

When can I get it? Every night between 5:30pm and 6:30pm

Conditions of offer: For every meal purchased, two kid eats free. There is a free full breakfast buffet for kids under 5 and free dinner for kids under the age of 12.

Named for its commanding position overlooking Laguna Bay, View Restaurant features a modern Australian menu full of fresh local produce.

Along with a Kids Eat Free buffet breakfast for children under 5, the restaurant offers free dining for 2 children for every dining adult for orders placed between 5:30pm and 6:30pm every night of the week. There are 8 children’s meals to choose from (specifics unlisted on website) and each meal comes with a drink, dessert and a kid’s activity pack.


Hog’s Breath Cafe – Mooloolaba and Caloundra

What Counts as a Kid? 12 years and under

When can I get it? Every night

Conditions of offer:  1 free kid’s meal per adult purchasing main meal over $20.

The popular chain offers a Kid’s Eat Free offer where ever you can find it in Australia. The two locations on the Sunshine Coast (Mooloolaba and Caluondra) are no exception.

Their national website lists the ‘Hogster’ meals as calamari and chips, pasta, flathead and chips, cheese pizza, cheeseburger and chips, nuggets and chips, kids steak and chips and some Hogster Healthy Helpings are listed for a small charge. You’ll also get a free juice or soft drink and ice cream.

It should be noted that the terms and conditions does state “All Participating Hog’s Breath Cafes” and while both Sunshine Coast locations offer this deal at the moment, it is always worth checking ahead in case things change.


Brightwater Hotel

What Counts as a Kid? 3-11 year olds

When can I get it? Every Sunday from 5.30pm.

Conditions of offer: Terms and conditions apply

The Brightwater Hotel is a part of the Sunshine Coast Hotels group which prides itself on being independant and offering seasonal and local produce on their menus. It has won several hospitality awards since it opened in 2013.

The kids menu features 7 different options: cheeseburger and chips, ham and cheese pizza, tomato and cheese pasta, chicken nuggets and chips, chicken breast, vegetables and chips, fish a nd chips and steak and chips. Each meal comes with a free Paddle Pop.

Additional Kids Features

Every kid’s room has 6 PlayStations and 4 skill tester machines. There are also free kids entertainment on Sunday afternoons as well as free face painting.


Are you headed on a vacation getaway to the Sunshine Coast? Or are you a Queensland local that’s budget-conscious, and still wants to have fun?

On the Sunshine Coast, there are no shortage of activities that are not only fun – but also completely free. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget or a young family, there are a variety of these activities that you can enjoy.

Here are our top nine recommendations on things to do for free on the Sunshine Coast.


Check out the Botanical Gardens

Prefer the outdoors and the natural beauty that the world has to offer? Then you’ll want to make a trek over to the Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden. The site boasts more than 82 hectares of vegetation with walking paths, creeks, the garden area, and an Arts and Ecology Centre. It’s certainly a great spot for a fun day in the sun, taking in Mother Nature, and completely free.

The site can also serve as a venue if you’d like to hold an event – whether it’s a meeting or a wedding – although there would be some minor costs associated with that.


Head down to the Bulcock Street Markets

Are you a big fan of window-shopping? Then you’re going to want to take a stop at the Bulcock Street Markets out of Caloundra during your trip to the Sunshine Coast. The markets are full of quirky stalls and artisans, and it’s definitely a sight to behold. While you may decide to pick up some trinkets to take back home with you, you can also roam the market for an entire day, without having to spend a penny, if you don’t want to.


See Dolphins in Tin Can Bay

Now here’s a really fun idea for the young and young-at-heart: how about visiting the dolphins in Tin Can Bay? Tin Can Bay is actually located at the bottom of the Great Sandy Strait, and offers you the unique chance to see Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins.

While you can’t swim with the dolphins you can watch them play and frolic in the water. And if you’re willing to spend a few dollars, you can easily take the experience up a notch by paying to feed the dolphins yourself and interact with them.


Walk the Noosa Coastal Track

Another fun outdoor activity you can partake in during your stay along the Sunshine Coast is planning an outing to the Noosa Coastal Track. The site is good whether you’re one traveller or an entire family, and it’s offers free access to some splendid views.

The site is well known for some of the best surfing spots and much like Tin Can Bay, if you keep your eyes peeled you can spot groups of dolphins and whales swimming along – especially if you’re visiting during breeding season!


Explore the Ginger Factory

If you’ve got your family with you on your adventures on the Sunshine Coast, then you’ll need to stop by The Ginger Factory. The site has plenty of attractions – while offering free admission – and you can partake in informational tours, ride on rides, do some light shopping if you’d like, and stop by the area café, which is known for serving top-notch Australian cuisine.

The location gets its name from its production of quality ginger-based products, and also offers some gardens and walking areas. Definitely a fun day for all involved!


Walk down Noosa’s famous Hastings Street

Hastings Street is known for being a posh area in Noosa, but don’t get discouraged – those looking for free fun or budget activities can have fun there too. The street has some of the best boutique shops in the area, and an assortment of nice resort hotels and restaurants. But along with the higher end outlets, there is plenty of free fun to be had.

You can do some great window shopping, walking along the road and taking the sites in. And if you’re a bargain hunter, you can grab a modest bite to eat and shop for some items that are heavily discounted, so you can get the best of both worlds.


Check out the free exhibitions at Buderim Craft Cottage

If you love crafts or have an artistic flair, then it’s worth it to take a stop by the Buderim Craft Cottage on the Sunshine Coast, and take a look at all of the free exhibitions going on. Regardless of the type of arts and crafts you enjoy, you’re sure to see at least an exhibit or two that you’ll like there. There’s often something going on in the area that you can take in as well.

Another plus is that the cottage is near the Buderim Library, which has lovely views of the coastline.  


View a Spectacular Sunset

Sightseeing and taking in a breathtaking sunset (or sunrise!) is another enjoyable free activity you can take part in on the Sunshine Coast during your stay. There are several spots to choose from, but some of the top spots are Maleny, Montville, Mapleton, the Glasshouse Mountains, Bulcock Beach, and Caloundra. Bring a blanket, and be prepared to take all of the natural beauty in that the area has to offer.


Cheese Tasting at Maleny Cheese Factory

What’s better than cheese? Free cheese. One of the most “out of the box” free activity ideas for the Sunshine Coast is a trip down to the Maleny Cheese Factory. It’s a well-known food destination in the dairy part of the region, and they make their own cheese on-site. In addition to some informative tours, you’ll also be able to taste several types of cheeses, and only purchase ones you’d like to take home with you.


Joe's Waterhole image source:


The country pub is a special and almost sacred place within Australian culture. Most of the country pubs in Australia appeared in the late 1850’s following the Goldrush.

In the early days, they followed North European traditions of hops and beer making, and it is a tradition that is still strong today. What makes the Australian pub so important, it is a nexus for culture.  A place for the far-flung community to congregate, talk and relax after a hard day’s work.

To experience the country pub atmosphere is to experience a slice of Queensland history and culture.  

Joe’s Water Hole in Eumundi is a country pub the has managed to keep its traditional identity and place in the community alive since the late 19th century.  A gem of a country pub nestled opposite one of the greatest shopping experiences, the Eumundi Marketplace.



Joe’s Water Hole was originally constructed as a single storey building known as the 1891 and was originally known as The Railway Hotel.  It operated as the Railway Hotel until 1912 when a new pub, called the Imperial – a more traditional two storey Queensland pub opened in town.

The Railway Hotel changed its name to The Commercial and opened up a second floor to compete with its new rival. In 1924 a fire swept through the town of Eumundi taking many buildings with it, including the Commercial. The pub was rebuilt in 1926 and this structure still stands today.

In 1962, Joe Whittering became the owner of The Commercial after he swapped his sugar-cane farm for the hotel.  Joe was a popular landlord, well known amongst the community for his practical jokes and the lively atmosphere he generated in his pub.  As Joe was so well-known he became a mojor draw card for the pub and The Commercial became known as Joe’s Water Hole locally.

In 1982 Joe’s son took over the pub and in 1987 renamed the pub officially to Joe’s Water Hole in honour of his father’s legacy.  The pub left the family in 2005, when it was bought by Brett Lewis – who is keen to keep the traditional, friendly and small town feel of the pub.


Current day

Today Joes Water Hole has four guest rooms to offer, a game room that boasts 15 poker machines and the Woodcutters Bistro.

The small town, community feel of this pub can be seen in the events that the pub run. For example an upcoming event will be a special anniversary party for their long-serving bar-maid of 35 years, named Sophie’s Day, where there is a band, fancy dresses and all out fun.

Its place at the heart of the Eumundi community can also be seen by the number of local clubs, and organisations that take place there, such as the Eumundi Rotary club fund-raisers.

It is also a place that fosters and helps new musical talent grow. The venue plays host to live music from touring national and international acts throughout the year as well as many local musicians.

Eumundi is still a small traditional Queensland farming community, that attracts a lot of tourists on the weekend due to the amazing Eumundi Marketplace.   Joe’s Water Hole has become a popular spot for these tourists due to its amazing menu, and traditional Australian beer.

It is not unusual to read about them meeting the small town, sweat stained Queensland farmers who are willing to share a slice of small town cultural history.

So, if you are looking to experience a traditional, small-town Queensland pub Joe’s Water Hole maybe the ideal place to visit. 

If you’re craving bright sunny skies, the sand between your toes, amazing views and even more amazing adventures, there’s no better coast than the Sunshine Coast. Even if you’re not a beach person, Queensland, Australia has some of the most stunning hiking trails on the western side of the world.

From Mount Coolum to Mapleton Falls and beyond, here are just some of our top favourite places to explore.


Mount Coolum

Only 12 kilometers from the coast stands Mount Coolum, one of the most hashtagged trails near Queensland (#MountCoolum). Although it can be one of the tougher incline trails to complete at 208 meters, every challenge has its rewards and this one comes in the form of fantastic vistas as far as the eye can see plus luxurious views of the lush lands surrounding the Maroochy River. Don’t forget to take a smiley, sweaty selfie when you reach the top, you earned it!


Noosa Heads to Alexandria Bay

With multiple path for multiple levels of fitness finesse, it’s hard to find a reason to not hit the trails of Noosa. Whether you’re working out in the sun or wandering with your family, this coastal trail 33 kilometers from Queenland will have your smile muscles working overtime. One of the top perks for those looking to cool off and shed their sweaty clothes after? Alexandria Bay is an infamous nude beach. Don’t be afraid to show some tone, tan skin!


Buderim Forest

Looking for an easy wander through a gorgeous forest? Look no further than Buderim, only 6 kilometers from the Sunshine Coast.. Featuring a 700 meter beautiful boardwalk, turn off the mobile devices and tune into the sights and sounds of natural nature, from the palms and vines to the trickling water below. For an even more rewarding adventure, try your hands at the rugged trail that continues on from the end of the boards. There you’ll discover even more beautiful bushland, babbling cascades, cute creeks and the picturesque Buderim Falls.


Mt Coorara

If you’re seeking something short but not too easy in trail ease, you’ve got an appointment at Mount Coorara. A 2 kilometer walk just 13 kilometers from Queensland, at least half of your Mount Coorara hike consists of a steep, inclined hike that will have your legs feeling the burn, (but hopefully not from the sun).

To make your trip to Mount Coorara even more special, be sure to attend the world famous Pomona King of the Mountain Festival in July, featuring the Bendigo Bank International Mountain Challenge. Bring the binoculars for spectacular views from the summit!


Kondalilla Falls

Love waterfalls? Us too! That’s why we couldn’t resist adding the captivating Kondalila Falls to our list. Offering 3 time-worthy trails, you’ll find a perfect match for your activity mood. For an easier pace for the whole family, we recommend the 2.4 kilometer Picnic Creek Circuit. Want to reach the rock pools? Try the moderate 3.2 kilometer track. For a full-on adventure leading to seclusion in the form of rock pools and subtropical rainforest surrounding chilled falls gorges, grab a friend and take a chance on the 4.6 kilometer Kondalilla Falls Circuit.

Kondalilla Falls is just 30 kilometers east of the Sunshine Coast.


Coolum Boardwalk

Already conquered Mount Coolum? Come take it easy on the Golden Beach walk of the Coolum Boardwalk, only 11 kilometers north of Queensland. A suitable walk setting for anyone and everyone, take in the sunny waterfront views of the day or the refreshing, well-lit vibes of the night. At the end of your adventure, you’ll find rest and rejuvenation at Port Perry, a perfect hotspot for those interested in seeing waterlife, from whales to wicked surfers.


Maroochydore to Mooloolaba Esplanade Walk

A stunning exercise spot for the simplistic hiker and the advanced trainer, the Maroochydore to Mooloolaba Esplanade features circuit-worthy stairs, smooth beach and cafes for the pre-car, post-hike caffeine fix.

The Mooloolaba Beach Walk also features ravishing rock pools and panoramic views of Coolum, Mudjimba Island and Poiint Cartwright, a pleasing, picturesque experience only 5 kilometers from the Sunshine Coast. Be sure to keep an eye out for the pods of whales and dolphins who like to pop up and say hello!


Mapleton Falls Lookout and walk

Making a trip with the kids? Many would highly recommend the close knit coastal feat that comes with visiting Mapleton Falls. Make a quick trip to the lookout right next to the car park for a view of the falls or grab some picnic food and embark on the 1.2 kilometer Wompoo Circuit through the forest.

Fan of feathered flyers? Mapleton Falls is home to multiple species of birds including the Wompoo Fruit-Dove, the Eastern Whipbird and the Peregrine Falcon, all well-worth the 30 kilometer road trip from Queensland.


Bribie Island Beach Walk

And last, but certainly not least, we bid adieu to our list with the Bongaree to Woorim walk of Brible Island Beach. Surrounded by villages, takeaway shops and impressive pubs, feel fresh and free as you walk along the bushy 5 kilometer path or the 8 kilometers of pure beach bliss. With quiet waters perfect for swimming and shuttle buses happy to guide you along the passages, Brible Island Beach is the perfect combination of cardio and kicking off the shoes for coastal relaxation, sitting just 42 kilometers away from the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast is a mecca for the extreme sport enthusiast offerings thrill seekers many unique and unforgettable experiences. Located on the coast of Queensland the Sunshine Coast offers warm weather even during the winter months. This means it is a fantastic place for those people who just love adrenaline filled adventures all year around. With stretching golden beaches, a vast blue ocean and a rich green national park there are thousands of thrilling adventures waiting to be discovered.  Here are just a few:-


Sky Diving

The warm, heavenly weather of the Sunshine Coast makes it the ideal location for extreme sports. There is nowhere better to enjoy skydiving. Sky-diving will give you a fantastic view of the beautiful and paradise like vista of the Queenlands coast line. Once experienced it is hard to forget the sight of the sprawling blue ocean, the curving golden beach and the snaking blue rivers stretching into the verdant green landscape.


There is no better place to experience this once in a lifetime sight than with Experienceoz who offer tandem jumps.  


Swim with the Sharks

With the vast, unspoilt blue sea and unique ecology of the Australian there is no better place to explore the ocean and learn about life under the sea. Sea Life is the perfect visitor centre to offer you undersea adventures. They have a vast array of tours that cater to all members of the family.  Shipwrecked coasts for your children to explore, as your scuba dive with sharks, sting-rays and turtles – discovering the majesty of undersea life with your own eyes.  They even offer tours of the ocean’s pre-historic past.



Kite-Surfing is one of the quickest growing extreme sports, as it is easy to learn, safe, and cheap.  You do not need to be physically strong to enjoy kite-surfing and experience a buzz of adrenaline whilst exploring the Australian coast-line. The perfect gate-way sport into the world of extreme sports.  Book your kite-surfing lessons here and you’ll be a master of the ocean in no time. Kite-Surfing offers some of the most picturesque ways to discover the hidden beauty of the Sunshine Coast.


Jet Boat Riding

The Sunshine Coast offers one of the most extreme Jet Boat Rides there is to offer. The waves of the Queensland’s open ocean make jet-boating here an exhilarating experience that will leave even the most experienced of thrill seekers will enjoy on the edge of their seats.  Mooloolaba jet boat gives the most speculator jet boat ride that you can experience that includes high speed crazy manoeuvres like the figure eight, duck tails, surfing, wave-dives and jumps.  



The Sunshine Coast not only offers an amazing golden beach, the fantastic blue ocean but is also home to Glasshouse mountains house in Glasshouse National Park that offer an amazing array of climbs.  Only two of the four mountains are open to climbing at the moment, and both these offer a different variety of challenges, and well known climbs such as andromeda, Babylon and the Sentinels.  Climbing these mountains will not only provide you with a challenge but a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside.



And once you climbed to top of the mountain, seen the amazing view – abseiling is the perfect way down. Fast, and thrilling shot of adrenaline after the short break at the top.  Pinnacle Sport offers an array of mountain climbs and abseiling tours around the Glasshouse mountains for you to enjoy.  They offer a range of tours depending on what you want to experience.


Jetpack Flyboard Adventures

The Sunshine Coast provides the adrenaline junkie with lots of ways to enjoy a water jet pack.  Companies like jet pack adventures have three exciting ways for you to propel yourself through the air using streams of high-powered water and simulate the feeling of flying.  There is the traditional jet-pack mounted on your back, a fly-board is which is like surfing through the air or an air-bike.   This is a fantastic and fun experience in groups.


Biking Tours

Around the Sunshine Coast there are extensive Motor Biking tour routes that will allow you to experience the untamed wilds of the Australian outback, one of the world’s most unique environments, as well as the culture of urban Australia.  These tours let you discover some of the most unique things that the Sunshine Coast has to offer, by taking you off the beaten track.  Suggested routes, and motor-bike hires are available here.


Jet Ski

Jet-skis allows a fast, fun way for you to explore the Queensland coast on your own.  The coast has unique wildlife ecologies for you to discover, such as Dolphins, Dugongs, and Turtles as well as a vast array of wading birds.  You can even book water based safari through hire operators such as caloundra jet ski who will give you guided tours of all the interesting wildlife that the coastline has to offer in their natural environments.

Australia are one of the rare places in the world where glow worms are relatively common.

With 5 different species of glow worms found across the country, if you are visiting or live on the Sunshine Coast there are two great locations to see these fantastic creatures for yourself.


Where to Find Glow Worms

The Springbrook National Park is a UNESCO protected park and is located in the beautiful mountain areas of Springbrook. It is the natural habitat of many exotic animals and sometimes the place looks like it came out of a fantasy book.

Another great location is the Tamborine Caves. This cave system has two large chambers where you can view the glow worms. It is a very professional set up and obviously as you are viewing the glow worms in a cave system you can see them during the day which is great for families. The first chamber features a visual presentation of how these worms glow and the second chamber is where you will see what you came for – the glow worms!


Getting to the Locations

To get to the Springbrook National Park you will need to drive about 1-2 hours from the Sunshine Coast depending on your route. You can get there via the skinny winding road through Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast-Springbrook or you can opt via the much more established and wider Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, which is about  5 kilometers from the Gold Coast.  

The Tamborine Caves is a 1 hour, 15-minute drive from the airport. You will also need a car for this route but both destinations have glow worm tour companies that will take you there. The caves are open 10:00am to 4:00pm daily.


Serene & Colourful Scenery

Going through the Springbrook National Park forest gives you the chance to look out for over 100 species of birds that call the forest home. There is obviously much more to see in the National Park than the glow worms and there are many different companies that can help you tour the whole place. Various tour durations can span approximately 3.5 hours to 10 hours.

When you arrive in the Tamborine Caves, you will walk through wood bridges through the stunning scenery of the garden.


Best Times to Visit the Glow Worms

The best time to visit Springbrook National Park is during the hot summer season as the mountains are a good place too cool of when the city gets too hot. Being 2,277 ft above sea level it takes the edge off the heat.

Visiting the Tamborine Caves can be done all-year-round  as they are  climate controlled and will be ready whenever you go there in any season. You will always find the place comfortable.

Come and visit these different places to find Glow Worms in Queensland Australia. Your trip will be one to remember.


The Sunshine Coast is known for fresh, organic, and local food and drink. Naturally, the same mentality applies to their cafés. The Sunshine Coast has such a booming café scene that it’s almost impossible to choose where to settle for brunch.


Have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite coffee stops. You’ll find the perfect spot right away, freeing up valuable time to head to the beach.


  1. Sandbar Café Bar and Grill

Sandbar is a great pick if you come hungry, and it’s a local favorite for a reason. Whether you’re craving burgers, beers, or coffee, Sandbar Café Bar and Grill has it all. We recommend the fish and chips.


  1. Freddy Fuddpuka’s

Freddy Fuddpuka’s makes the claim: “silly name, serious coffee,” and they aren’t kidding. Whether you’re looking to get some shopping done, or if you want a short walk to the beach, Freddy Fuddpuka’s in Queensland couldn’t be more convenient.


  1. Amo Gelato

Amo’s generous servings of gelato are more than welcome on a hot day. The only thing that could make Amo’s fantastic selection any better is famous Costa Noosa espresso.


  1. Montville Café Bar and Grille

Montville’s atmosphere is unbelievable, with a charming exterior and a gorgeous landscaped garden. From a courtesy bus to misted tents, Montville’s amenities are only beaten by a friendly and knowledgeable staff.


  1. CK Coffee Bar and Whole Foods

The interior of CK Coffee Bar is rustic, yet modern. Does your diet restrict you to gluten-free, vegan, or paleo? CK has all of the above, and plenty of it. There isn’t a broader selection of healthy and delicious dishes to be found.


  1. Café Envy

With locations in both Moolooaba and Cotton Tree, Café Envy boasts a display of local art. This lends perfectly to its quirky, artistic atmosphere.


  1. Hand of Fatima

Fatima leaves you in good hands. The atmosphere is quirky and casual, and the staff is incredibly friendly and funny.


  1. Coffee Cat

Coffee Cat is posh, modern, and purr-fect. We recommend taking your vanilla bean pancakes outside as you look out on a breathtaking beachfront view.


  1. Little May Espresso

Little May Espresso has the most darling exterior we’ve ever seen. Add in its fantastic selection of food and pastries, it’s almost too good to be fair.


  1. The Velo Project

With so many amazing café options in Moonlooaba, putting the Velo Project in the #1 spot was not a decision we took lightly. The location is tucked away but that only lends to its appeal. The atmosphere is rustic, the coffee is incredible, and the food is to die for.


Choosing only ten cafés was not an easy decision, but we believe any of our picks will more than satisfy your caffeine and brunch addiction.

It is getting close to that time of year that all music lovers look forward to, when the festival season starts ramping up on the Sunshine Coast and across Queensland. It will start this February (2017) until October! You can then have fun and cheer your favourite  bands.

To ensure that you’ll be able to see all the acts you want, and to know how much you need to get into the venue, you can just refer to the list of 2017 Queensland music festivals:


Agnes Blues, Roots and Rock Festival

Date: 03/01/2017 to 03/01/2017


Price: $154 ($121 for early birds) / $66 Friday Night / $100 Saturday Night / $66 Sunday Night


Prepare yourself for a festival worth going during summer as you get to enjoy country blues music from the likes of 8 Ball Aitken. This 3-day ocean-side music festival will also feature the family band, The Twine, who will provide fantastic and soulful  the blues music. This awesome festival is right near the Southern Great Barrier Reef and during the off times of the festival, you can explore the Capricorn Region and be mesmerised by  the beauty of the great ocean.

You can buy tickets through their website for $154 and get a $33 discount for the early bird promo!


CMC Rocks Queensland

Date: 03/24/2017 to 03/26/2017

Price: $299.00 (3 days)


Rock to the music of: The Dixie Chicks, Brothers 3, Adam Harvey, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Charles Esten, Little Big Town, and 22 others! Expect a particularly special time in 2017, as this camping festival will be celebrating their 10th anniversary!

Camp out after you listen to the top-rated local bands and enjoy the 10th year celebration of the biggest music festival in Queensland.


Bleach* Festival

Date: 03/31/2017 to 04/16/2017

Price: FREE


Have an amazing time at the beach with the Bleach* Festival 2017! Enjoy some of the best local and international contemporary artists absolutely free! It is a 17-day long event and the festivities are not only limited to music. Many artistic features can be enjoyed such as pop-up art installations, outdoor film, theatre, and many others! Definitely, this is a great time to have fun with  your family and friends.


Surfers Paradise Live

Date: 04/28/2017 to 04/30/2017

Price: FREE


Another awesome free festival – Surfers Paradise Live is the biggest festival ever to hit Surfers Paradise

The three-day festival will play host to a bunch of great bands across the multiple stages, headlined this year by the Veronicas. The eclectic mix of genres will ensure there is something for everyone and the spread of stages means that you will be able to hear the music throughout the entire township. It is a festival that really sees Surfers Paradise come alive.

A free event which welcomes all ages – how could you do better than live music in paradise?


Blues on Broadbeach

Date: 05/18/2017 to 05/21/2017

Price: FREE


Prepare for some food for the soul! Bonnie Tyler, Ian Moss, and Slim Jim Phantom, and many others will be at this years Blues on Broadbeach for some relaxing fun and excitement on the Gold Coast. This 4-day event is also known to be an environmentally friendly festival, contributing to lessening the carbon footprint. And best of all it is free!


Music in The Mulga

Date: 05/18/2017 to 05/21/2017

Price: $140 (4 days)


This country rock music festival gives you a feeling of a family gathering in an outback style. This event may be located in a small town using a working sheep and cattle property as the venue site, but they are prepared to give you to a big music event. This festival isn’t just limited to enjoying amazing music, but also to  having the chance to participate in a charity auction, a celebrity cook-off and some fun with the classic yabby race!

Acts announced so far include Beccy Cole and Jonny Taylor but tune in to their website for more of their line-up announcements. Avail  tickets that are priced from $30 for 1 day (except Saturday) up to $140!


Big Pineapple Music Festival

Date: 05/27/2017

Price: Not Currently Available


A new but popular music festival the, Big Pineapple Music Festival takes its name from the heritage listed famous Queensland landmark. Coming into its fourth year, each previous weekend has sold out so it is a good idea to get onto tickets early.

The festival itself is a 3 day camping festival known for its awesome local and international acts

Have a great view of the concert as you sit down on a grassy and sloping amphitheatre. And if you’re travelling from interstate or overseas make sure you check out the actual Big Pineapple before you leave – it is one of the most photographed “big” thing in Australia.


Cooly Rocks On

Date: 06/07/2017 to 06/11/2017

Price: FREE


Be at the biggest rock and roll event with a queue of cars on the streets. This jam-packed 5-day festival is a Queensland signature event. This also showcases the events of the year 2016 such as the poodle parade, retro markets, dance championships, Miss Cooly Rocks On and the Street Parade! Don’t worry though, the organisers heard your cries and made this family-friendly event FREE!

50 bands have already signed up for this one-of-a-kind event; so, don’t miss it! Bring in your car and be in your best rocking outfit for Cooly Rocks On!