10 Best Locations for a Beach Wedding on the Sunshine Coast

beach weddings

If you live on the Sunshine Coast there is a strong chance you’re considering a beach wedding location.  If you are looking for an experience that you will never forget, (which let’s face it you probably are on your wedding day) the beach is the perfect place to express to each other how truly in love you really are.

The Sunshine Coast has one of the most pristine coastlines you can find in Australia and its beaches are some of the most picturesque. If you are looking for a few ideas on where to get married at along the Sunshine Coast check out our top ten beach wedding location recommendations

  1. Ballinger Beach Park Currimundi –  This is an ideal location for a wedding because it gives you many different backdrop sceneries to choose from.  You can choose to use a watery background with a pristine beach behind you or having the sand dunes overtopped by the trees in the hinterlands behind you.
  2. Shelley Beach – Your guests to be blown away by the beauty of the only east facing beach leading out into the Pacific Ocean. Just imagine how great a backdrop it will be for your wedding photos.
  3. Mooloolaba Beach – If you choose the beach you have a gorgeous view out into the ocean, for the most ideal spot check out the spit parkland location and you will have trees to accent your altar.
  4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Coolum Bay area – This area is where you will find some of the most pristine beaches on the coast. The blue ocean water and white sand will accentuate your day with natural beauty.
  5. Bulcock Beach – Caloundra area – Here is a location with an older style setup for a more conventional style wedding ceremony.
  6. Moffat Beach – Reserve – Caloundra area – The Moffat Beach wedding area is one of the best wedding ceremony beaches in Caloundra.  With the beauty, this area holds we aresure this will make any bride happy.
  7. Kings Beach area – This beach borders the small town Lake Tahoe on one side and a mountain on the other side.  Ideal for the more outdoors geared type of ceremony.
  8. Dicky Beach – This location has slightly rolling hills to accent the backdrop behind friends and family so that all attention is focused on the happy couple.
  9. Culgoa Point Beach Resort – If you want to great pictures this is your place. You will have beachfront access on one side with spectacular views of the river on the other side. The perfect place for a sunset ceremony.
  10. Little Cove – Noosa – A quaint little tucked in cove to for where your friends and family can have that beach all to themselves.

So there you have 10 beautiful and natural wedding ceremony locations for tying the knot on the Sunshine Coast. And of course for anyone coming in from out of town make sure you let them know about Sand Dunes Resort for modern accommodation during their stay